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Yahoo (We exceed, not succeed)

Yahoo (We exceed, not succeed)

Every year, we analyse key trends in Yahoo search and craft stories that are uber relevant to the news agenda and current zeitgeists. It’s a firm date in every news desk’s calendar when we release the search trends at the end of the year. Yahoo’s most searched terms in 2014 included ‘the year’s obsessions’ and achieved blanket national and broadcast coverage on Sky News, Magic FM and ITV News.

RefME (We champion disruption)

RefME (We champion disruption) -
RefME is under a year old and grown so fast thanks to its innovative technology that completely automates the tedious process of referencing. But with growth comes militant management.
We have been with the team right from the start and seen them grow from a small start up to a team of 36 who have just opened an office in the USA. They have grown to over 800,000 users in under a year, won best start-up of the year at Mobile World Congress 2015, grown quicker than Pinterest and Twitter in their first year and have overtaken eBay in the app download charts and just completed a seed funding round led by the largest private education company in the world of $5 million.
It’s been one hell of a fun journey so far, with plenty of potential for mistakes. Since working together with Marlin, the total amount of users has doubled with the app experiencing up to 10,000 downloads per day. Take a look at Forbes and Bloomberg.

Sony (We move mountains)

Sony (We move mountains) -
Sony trusted Marlin to make an ambitious shoot come true in the mountains of Croatia with very little time, no Sony rep and a top secret new prototype camera.
In 48 hours, we scaled a mountain, abseiled into a cave and managed a production team of 3 and 12 professional cavers to produce content for the European launch.
With the camera and team safely returned home, our edited content hit YouTube one week later, driving 000s of views.