Marlin PR | Bang & Olufsen (We go the extra mile)
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Bang & Olufsen (We go the extra mile)

Bang & Olufsen (We go the extra mile)

The best thing about working with Bang & Olufsen is when they launch a new product range, you know it will be outstanding in quality and build. Some people might think that makes it easy to get good reviews and strong share of voice versus other luxury technology brands. But it’s not just about nuts and bolts. Yes we cover our core consumer lifestyle and technology media and influencers but every day we try to find someone new who will open up a whole new audience of potential purchasers perfect for the brand position. We like to call it ‘the extra mile mission’ but it’s so top secret we won’t tell you how we do it. You could always speak to Grazia, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping or Grand Designs. We don’t sit still. We run fast.



TaskRabbit (We put the extra in ordinary)

TaskRabbit (We put the extra in ordinary) - TaskRabbit, one of the poster child’s of the sharing economy had no UK office and put all its trust in us to execute an idea all by ourselves. We put a ‘tasker’ at the front of the iPhone 6 queue over one week before the launch. He battled bad weather and the odd late night London fracas that almost had us pulling the plug. We held our nerves, as did our brilliant client all the way in Silicon Valley, as our man emerged from the Apple store with one of the first iPhone’s welcomed by the world’s media. 18 pieces of TaskRabbit branded high calibre coverage appeared across a fantastic cross-section of broadcast, national, key regionals and consumer lifestyle titles. We reached over 300million readers driving mass brand awareness and visibility across the Capital introducing TaskRabbit to its key target region.