Marlin PR | My standout Instagram campaign of 2016
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My standout Instagram campaign of 2016

like my addiction campaign

My standout Instagram campaign of 2016

Georgina Lack, senior account executive

When it comes to social media campaigns in 2016, we were spoilt for choice. With the constant amusement of Paddy Power, Innocent’s smooth tone of voice, and Disney’s #ShareYourEars, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr were thriving. However, there was one campaign that stood out for me.

Louise Delage, the overnight Instagram sensation, had the social media world transfixed when it emerged that she was actually not what she seemed. Instead of a blogger, she was in fact, the product of a very clever marketing campaign to raise awareness of alcoholism.

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A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on

Louise’s life seemed like a dream. She was pretty, well dressed, and always at the hottest nightclubs or relaxing on beaches. But this wasn’t the whole truth. The Instagram feed was created by ad agency BETC for Addict Aide, with the aim of challenging us to spot the warning signs of addiction on social media, as part of the ‘Like My Addiction’ campaign.

The response to the campaign has been overwhelming. Louise Delage has trended extensively on Twitter, and the campaign was covered across the major media outlets. Stylist highlights that the campaign ‘invites us to question our assumptions about what someone with an alcohol addiction ‘looks like”. Louise is youthful, beautiful and chic – far from the stereotypical image of an ‘alcoholic’. In speaking to a female millennial audience, Stylist highlights the ultimate point of the campaign – we can be young, successful and present the ideal life on social media, but we may still have a problem. 

The Guardian explores the technicalities behind the carefully crafted campaign, stating that the look and tone of Louise’s posts – even down to her favourite filters – were informed by the study of fashion bloggers. The agency posted the images at crucial times of the day to garner engagement and followers, and went so far as to create a bot that would like and follow carefully chosen accounts on Delage’s behalf, thereby prompting them to follow back.  


A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on

Gaining over 60,000 followers in just two months, Louise Delage is a great example of how social media personalities can appear glamourous, or just normal, if you don’t look too closely. Alcohol is never very far away, and its relevance fades into the background in society today. It becomes a constant, and you don’t even notice if it’s there.

Creative social media campaigns continue to go from strength to strength, and with powerful campaigns like this causing such a stir in 2016, I’m very much looking forward to finding out what 2017 holds.