Marlin PR | Let me intern-tain you
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Let me intern-tain you

Marlin Internship

Let me intern-tain you

Kai Sampford, intern

“Hell is gone and heaven’s here, there’s nothing left for you to fear,”

so said Robbie Williams and so thought I. They weren’t the exact words used when I was welcomed into the Marlin family, but I certainly felt that vibe – and I liked it.

From the first day, I knew this internship would be more than making cups of tea. I began with news scans, searching the web for potential stories that we could hijack to gain coverage for our clients. Alongside the news scans, I would pitch relevant stories to journalists via email and phone, and this soon developed into helping to draft contributed articles.

Coming from a computing background and yet to attend university, most would assume that I’d struggle in a PR environment…But not this intern! I committed fully from day one. Work would be submitted on time, content signed off daily, and new ideas contributed. Thanks to the support of the Marlin team, who ‘through it all, offered me protection, a lot of love and affection’, I had the confidence and support to get the job done.

This blog is being written only two weeks into my internship. In that minimal amount of time, I’m already seeing the fruits of my labour. Waking up has never been easier, the long days have never gone faster and the four hours of travelling on the infamous Southern Rail have never been so worth it. All of this and more is down to working with excellent industry professionals. They insisted that I explore all elements of PR, so I was creating hooks, drafting reports, and brainstorming left, right and centre.

In my opinion, an internship would be hugely beneficial to any individual looking to gain competence and confidence in a particular field – not just PR. University will bring you a wealth of knowledge, but an internship will gift you a high level of proficiency in the workplace, and I believe that’s fundamental in growing as a professional.

Apologies to my girlfriend but ‘I’m loving Marlin instead…’