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We create and execute PR campaigns for innovative technologies. We are not afraid to do things differently.

We are ambitious, but accountable and encourage our clients to take managed risks. We leave no question unasked when we’re pushing to understand your limits. Together, we then push a brief to those limits. We are determined to challenge you, help to disrupt the status quo and overcome fear.

We’ll work with you to create ideas, concepts, and programmes that you can trust, drawing on a powerful blend of rational thought and emotional impact.
We want you to work with us on big, bold, fearless communications, both in conception and execution.

Some of the clients we work fearlessly with

We believe that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll only get the results you always have. We leave no question unasked and no assumption untested.


e will push you to do things outside of your comfort zone, but we’ll hold your hand and we’ll do it together. We will give you a lens to see your market and business anew helping you see the possibilities. But we won’t deviate from the core brand position. We will give you permission to be curious, brave and confident.

We won’t let you waste your money. We don’t forget the basics of professional communication either, operating with real accountability. We visualize your success through a process of robust thinking, idea validation, deep planning, testing, measurement and constant evaluation.

Our C.O.D.E framework

  • 01 / Context

    - We champion disruption
    - We invent not re-invent

  • 02 / Originality

    - We put the story in telling
    - We put the extra in ordinary

  • 03 / Delivery

    - We exceed not succeed
    - We go the extra mile

  • 04 / Evaluation

    - We are relentless
    - We are accountable

Our potent mix of people, processes and positioning delivers a range of PR services designed not to create more noise,
but cut through it.

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Brand positioning

You’ve got a great proposition and an awful lot to say. The market maybe crowded and you have several different audiences you want to talk to as well as a strong leadership position to take. Our approach will take you through the key areas you need to consider from your market position versus your competitors to your perception and you value proposition. We’ll make sure you stand out and talk honestly to optimise your communications.

Content Generation

We make our content as relevant and compelling as possible to by considering a number of different factors in the build process. We have a dedicated team of content developers with experience in video and audio production, HTML, infographics, social media promotions and ex journalists who know how to write impactful copy for B2B, corporate and consumer audiences.

Event management

We all love a good party but for us, organising a great event is where the magic really happens. From press conferences and investor and analyst days to product launches and experiences, our attention to detail ensures every element of your event is taken care. We undertake every stage of the event process from creative conception, location selection, coordinating suppliers, bump in, bump out and wrap up. In addition to coordination of the event, we use our expertise to ensure bums on seats whoever your audience is be it media, consumers, or internal teams. We also ensure the event is fully integrated with all comms platforms and other elements of the marketing mix from Tweet boards, utilising Periscope or handout packs with call to actions to get in touch with sales teams for example.

Executive profiling

Our teams get to the heart of company executives to try and understand what makes them tick. We try to think how they think and develop thought provoking commentary, speak or attend panel forums in opportune environments that not only capture their mind-sets but are hyper relevant to the wealth of media profiling opportunities available.


Bringing a brand or product to life through an experience is a sure fire way to ensure a true understanding of your product or service and build brand love. We are experts in creating experiences that ticks the boxes for your strategy as well as being creative and compelling so your target market will be asking for more.

International Campaign Management

Running multiple PR campaigns in multiple geographies with different PR agencies can be challenging, time consuming and admin heavy. We take the pain away with a stringent and well tested protocol that ensures all markets are delivering good ROI on time.

Investor relations

The economic environment is constantly changing along with investors’ attitudes and your competitor landscape. We work with you to deliver coherent messages that aim to build confidence at the opportune time with target stakeholders including the analyst community.

Measurement & Evaluation

Following any campaign, its fundamental that we continually measure against deliverables and evaluate success based on the measurement. Whatever your drive for success whether it be moving your business up 10 points on a brand recognition scale to gaining 100 new followers on Twitter, we ensure measurement tools are in place. We also understand the importance of reporting back to the wider business, and are experts in getting even the most skeptical stakeholders on board with PR through measurement.

Media & Influencer Relations

Our teams pride themselves on the black book of media contacts across all media from national business writers to (v)bloggers. We hold regular training sessions to ensure everyone is up to speed with the latest techniques and learning from each other. In addition to media and bloggers, there’s a tribe of influencers just waiting to beat a drum on your behalf. We identify that tribe whether they be bloggers, stars of social media or journalists. Whatever platform they’re communicating through and whatever their interests, we understand the best way to reach them. It’s a bit like dating.

Product PR

We run a number of product campaigns under our mantra ‘the extra mile mission’. You can see one of our campaigns here. Our teams have strong media black books but it’s our ability to go beyond usual expectations to secure reviews, features and commentary that we are really proud of.

Reputation Management and Crisis communications

Your reputation is at the heart of your brand. The advent of the wonderful web has made it more challenging to manage how you are perceived and what is said about you. We benchmark your perception with your target audience to develop a strategy that continues to ensure your reputation is robust. Crisis happen every day at any time. We make sure you are best prepared to handle how you should communicate. Our team is calm, quick thinking and can respond fast to make sure the issue is dealt with effectively.

Research and Planning

You’ve told us everything you know about your brand, competitors and industry, we’ll now go away and question everything. We do in depth research into what’s being said about you by media, influencers and the public. We analyse the information and gain insights. It is only then, when we are armed with all the facts, that we plan detailed strategies for our clients ensuring every scenario is catered for and an approach discussed. We welcome our clients’ involvement in every stage of the planning process as a true partner. We are equally happy to get on with it and supply an approach that might push you out of your comfort zone, but will be considered and thought out to ensure success.


Whether our clients are looking for search engine optimisation, lead generation or both, links are always front of mind in our coverage. We value the effectiveness of content marketing, working on blog content, influencer outreach and social media strategies with many of our clients. Social media shares are of utmost importance to us, providing our campaigns with considerable awareness amplification but also pushing our brand content up the ranks on search engines.

Training & Workshops

From the word go we work closely with you to ensure we’re all on the same page. Our senior team host training workshops on all facets of comms tailored for all levels within your business. Training sessions cover everything from kick starter workshops that help navigate brand positioning, messaging, audience profiling and even investor relations pitches to media training programmes. These will prepare you and ensure you get your views across effectively on television, radio, in print and online. We work with all levels of spokespeople on varying degrees of proficiency.

Marlin PR culture is a lovely stew of personal and team ambition, industry knowledge, incessant curiosity, unreasonable demands, and a nose for what works.

The team includes, researchers, analysts, designers, planners, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, creatives, content creators, videographers, strategists and some of the best connected media relations experts in our field. We are the right size to be nimble and ambitious. We live in a world where:

  • Clients trust our ideas

  • The industry acknowledges our value

  • We love what we do and the time we spend doing it

  • Fearless is seen as a way of life and an attitude

Some of our latest thinking from the team

  • RT : Virtual high fives to all of the amazing women in my personal and professional spheres and beyond. Keep rocking! #InternationalWomenDay2018

Get in touch

If you want to have a chat about our experience and how we can work together or you think your skills and fearless talent would be a great addition to our team, please get in touch.

Internships are available at Marlin over the summer period, to apply please see more information here

Marlin PR
5a Stoney Street | London | SE1 9AA
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By Tube or Train:
We are a 2min walk from London Bridge Tube Station (Tube lines: Jubilee & Northern)

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